We humans are innate storytellers. That was the only way history was recorded until writing systems were invented. Therefore, I've created this webpage to employ that ancient form of documenting history. The page was also inspired by old videos of my parents and in-laws in which they told stories from their lives. You can view clips from these videos below. Next you'll find a group of narrated slide shows from the 1960s and 1970s. But, the real objective of this webpage is for me to tell stories of our family ... several from my lifetime and a few from earlier generations. Transcripts of these tales are also available here for those who prefer the written word. I hope you find these stories interesting and enjoyable. Vic Berecz

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Victor Berecz and Helen Heszlenyi.
A late-1980s conversation at our Marlborough, CT home.

A Welcome from Vic Berecz

John Luhrs and Mathilde Bruning.
A 1992 conversation at their Toms River, NJ home.

Joan's Year in the West -- 1961-2

Our Honeymoon in St. Thomas -- Feb 1963

Our First Trip to Quebec -- Summer 1963

Steve's First Year -- 1964-5

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