Church Birth/Baptismal Registers

Late Reformed Birth/Baptismal Register

This 1884 register is from the Reformed Church in the village of Inota, then in Fejér county. It is illustrative of the excellent quality of church birth/baptismal registers of all faiths in Hungary during the early part of the Dual Monarchy (1867-1895) period.

Format: Printed Tabular Birth/Baptismal Register.
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  • 1) sequence number: restarted at the beginning of each year, #13 is my grandmother.
  • 2) year and day of birth.
  • 3) year and day of baptism.
  • 4) name of the baptized.
  • 5) and 6) gender: male or female only one column is checked or noted.
  • 7) and 8) legitimate or illegitimate: only one column is checked or noted.
  • 9) parents name, confession, and occupation: in the case of my grandmother, her father was a molnár meszter (mill owner) and they were of the ev. reform (Reformed) confession.
  • 10) residence and house number: while most give an actual house number in Inota, the entry for my great-grandparents was Inotai alsó malom (the lower mill of Inota).
  • 11) godfather's and mother's names and occupation: with one exception, the pastor did not bother to record the godparent's occupations.
  • 12) baptizer's name and office: r. lelkéz (Reformed Pastor) was used for the office; note #15 where the baptism was performed by a pastor from the next town (Várpalota).
  • 13) notes: this column was often used at a later date to provide further information about the person; frequently one sees the date of death noted (not only for infant deaths, though these are most common); or to explain special situations such a a child being legitimized by the subsequent marriage of the parents with the father accepting responsibility for the child -- on some occasions by actually signing the baptismal register.