Family History Tutorial for Historic Hungary
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Purpose and Motivation of this Website: I have created this website as a retirement hobby. Given my experience in software development, in teaching, and in family history research, it seemed a "natural" ... to me anyway! I am no longer engaged in either developing software or teaching to earn a living, and I have never pursued genealogy professionally. This is a totally not-for-profit personal effort. As such, while I look forward to your comments, questions, and other feedback, I feel no obligation to assist you in any way, to make the changes or corrections that you may recommend, or even to acknowledge your existence. [In reality, I'll seriously consider doing all three.]

Site Creation Details: This website is publicly available at and was created entirely with hand-coded HTML. The website was thoroughly tested using Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 8 browser under Windows XP with 1280x1024 and 1600x900 screen resolutions; and also with Internet Explorer version 10 browser under Windows 7 with 1366x768 and 1920x1080 screen resolutions. Basic testing was done using Apple's Safari (v5.1.7), Google's Chrome (V28), and Mozilla's Firefox (v22) browsers all running under Windows 7 with 1920x1080 screen resolution. Minor rendering differences may result if you use other browsers or lower screen resolutions or other Operating Systems. IMPORTANT NOTE: this website is not intended for use on mobile devices which provide Internet access, such as Smart Phones, tablet devices such as the I-Pad, or reading devices such as the Kindle Fire ... and, may not function properly on such devices. There are no plans to create a "mobile" version of the site. The Document Examples employ Java Scripts for magnifying the document and displaying notes. These scripts do not store cookies or any other information on your computer.

Your Use of this Website: I encourage you to use the website in any manner that meets your needs, yet doesn't infringe on my rights and/or property. I take no responsibility for the misuse of any information presented in the website, and assume no liability for damages actual or perceived relating to the use of this information. I'm not forcing you to access this website or read this twaddle ... that's strictly your choice.

Links Between Websites. I encourage other website owners to provide links to this website, I ask only that they do it in a manner that (a) links to my homepage [] rather than directly to any lower-level page; and (b) does not give the appearance that this website is a part of any commercial endeavor.

My Rights in Data to the Website: I understand fully that some of the information -- including many of the document examples -- in this website was gathered from public domain sources and so is freely usable by anyone who accesses the site. On the other hand, the organization and formatting of the website and almost all of the text and notes are my legal intellectual property. On all of this material I claim a copyright, and expect all users to honor that claim. I fully intend to defend my copyrights if you infringe on them for any profit-making or other commercial purpose.

Note on Maintenance of this Website:The Hungarian Family History Tutorial website was begun in 2002 on the domain, major additions were made periodically since then. In the summer of 2013, it was decided not to try to keep up with the progress of the Family History Library and with respect to their on-line resources, so some sections were scaled back. On-going additions and maintenance will be done incrementally, and will likely be minimal. Ultimately, it is expected that this tutorial will be obsoleted by the FHL's

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