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1726 Early Roman Catholic Marriage Register

This register is from the Roman Catholic Church in the city of Sopron. Sopron is presently in the extreme northwest of Hungary. Most larger Hungarian cities had large German populations of tradesmen and artisans. This was especially the case with Sopron, due to its proximity to Vienna. The German population was divided between Lutherans and Roman Catholics, as was the minority Magyar population. This register is from the Saint Mihály parish, the principal Roman Catholic church in the center-city area.

Format: Latin narrative with interesting observations by the priest.
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The entry discussed here contains a significant amount of extraneous information, which is interesting, but doesn't add a lot to our knowledge of the couple involved. Sometimes this sort of information gives the reader a better idea of the nature of the community, the status of the couple in the community pecking order, and other subjective views of the people aand their times. Usually, I'd rather have more specific data about my ancestors.

Below is the original Latin text, and a literal translation of the entry concerning my fifth-great-grandfather, Henrik Gallus. This was the second of his three marriages. Hopefully this translation will provide some key terms found in Latin marriage registers. The November 1726 entry shown here is the third from the top of the page:

In festo Sta Catharina die 25 Novem [ego?], Franciscus Ignatius Beck a Mungau, Parochus Sopronyi & Abbas, Copulari Henricum Gallus viduum cum Virgine Anna Catharina Bolhausen. Testis Sponsi Joan Wenceslaus Zeitler & Joannes Bartholameus Erlinger. Testes Sponsa Joan Casparus Waxman & Franciscus Krapiz.

On November 25, the day of the Feast of Saint Catharine, I, Francis Ignatius Beck of Mungau, parish priest of Sopron and abbot, married the widower Henry Gallus and the maiden Anna Catharina Bollhausen. Witnesses for the groom were John Wenceslaus Zeitler and John Bartholomew Erlinger. Witnesses for the bride were John Caspar Waxman and Francis Krapiz.

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