Miscellaneous Documents Examples

Miscellaneous Documents

This section shows several examples of miscellaneous documents that you might use in family research. They found their way into this category because they don't easy fall into one of the other groupings, and probably, because they tend to be less important (from the point-of-view of potential research value) than other records. But please recognize, that for some researchers these documents may hold a key bit of information that will open up new doors of your family's history. In the future, I expect to add additional documents to this category ... perhaps nobility records and additional church documents.

For those who are prioritizing their focus, of the document types described in this section, clearly the most important is the Death Notice. The other document type found here that is likely to be useful is the 1869 Census ... but, this census is only available for limited areas in the north of Hungary. You are much less likely to find useful information from the other types of records described here.

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