This census provides a great snapshot of each household on the last day of 1869. But, it is only available for certain counties and cities, primarily in the north of Hungary. See note below for availability.

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Format: 4-pages per household ... page 1 deals with livestock; page 2 with the house; and pages 3 and 4 with the residents.

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Content of 1869 Census Records.

The Zemplen county microfilm I viewed -- towns and villages whose name began with "C" -- had each village arranged by sequential house number. In general, house numbers were assigned in order of construction, and bear little resemblance to the physical layout of the houses on the streets of the village (except for houses involved in the initial numbering). The family I've selected for this example is not related to me. Rather, it's an ancestor of a Slovak acquaintance. But, I have visited the village of Cernina ... not that it helps in interpreting the 1869 census.

  • Inventory of Livestock: The leftmost column is the house number. The two main categories are horses () and horned cattle (szarvasmarha). The lesser categories and details are described in the note.

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  • Housing Facilities: The basic question is "How many of each of the following types of rooms are found in this house?" The specifics are described in the note.

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  • Census of Residents: These two pages represent a census of each of the residents of the home. The information specified for each resident is described in the note.

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